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Recreational Roller Skating

Ka'u skate Club is a Co-Ed Recreational Roller skating club.

We are currently Non-Profit pending. We meet up twice a week at Kahuku Park Ocean View, Hi. We get together for the simple fun of Roller Skating on both Quad and Roller Blades. We are ran by community members.

Our Goals and plans are to be a huge part in our community of Ka'u. We will be doing fundraisers for the Skate Club, as well as events. We have an ultimate goal of building an outdoor covered Roller Skating rink here in Ocean View. We have a

Board of directors and committees to help us with this process. The Skate Club Volunteers for our community. And of course working tirelessly on making this Club something huge and exciting. A fun family experience for everyone to enjoy.

We skate on Tuesday and Thursdays 5pm-7pm (weather permitted) We bring lights for the skating surface and play some music, and lastly enjoy the sport. Any skating level is welcome, you can come down to learn basics, new tricks and of course just to skate.

We always ask that you have protective gear, as accidents do happen. They are not required though. We ask that you skate at your own risk.

Many people do not know all the different styles of Roller Skating, and would be surprised as to how many there are. We will be posting updated pictures and Videos as the club grows.

Please feel free to contact us anytime with Questions. W are always more than happy to help with what we can.

Ka'u Skate Club

Christine Barrett


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